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trauma therapy mannheim

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.

— Nelson Mandela

Trauma Therapy in Mannheim

We are five dedicated psychological psychotherapists. Our focus is the treatment of PTSD and other disorders that may be the result of a traumatic experience, e.g. anxiety, chronic pain or depressive episodes. If your partnership and/or sexuality are affected by an existing trauma disorder, we can also offer you trauma-informed couples therapy and sexual counseling. These appointments typically take place at longer intervals, but as double sessions.

Treatment Methods

We use modern and scientifically recognized methods for trauma treatment, such as EMDR or trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy.

Treatment Costs

As licensed psychotherapists, our services are covered by most German health insurance companies. However, some services (e.g. couples and sex therapy) are not covered.

Psychotherapy is also available in Spanish. Feel free to contact us about this as well.

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